Bokardo: Wow!


Bokardo is an interface design blog written by Joshua Porter…

…and a very innovative one, to boot.

Arrived at the site because a post showed up in my PubSub: Attention.xml feed. There was a factual inaccuracy (or what I perceived to be one) that I wanted to correct [here is the post].

Then I saw the comment preview box. What a piece of work! Probably not that complicated to implement (I haven’t looked it the implementation yet), but really impressive nonetheless.

From there I wanted to see the front page to see what else Joshua had going on and found the tremendously interesting layout he’s got. I’ve been thinking about themes for WordPress a fair amount lately but hadn’t been able to dream up anything more interesting than “take a basic 2- or 3-column layout and style it,” but this really open my mind to additional possibilities.

Really nice, impressive work. Subscribed!