Rojolicious; closing the loop between Rojo and

When Steve Gillmor wrote:

I wish Joshua Schacter would respond to Chris Alden and work out a Rojo bridge so I can autopopulate my feed with items.

I responded by saying that it seemed an easy fix for something like Greasemonkey to take care of. Knowing from the same post that Steve is running Firefox on his tablet, Greasemonkey seemed a natural bridge-gap between Rojo and

At the time I knew some javascript but not enough about Greasemonkey to get my feet wet. But as I used Rojo more and more I began to feel the gap between the two services more and more. I also kept a close eye on Steve’s Shared Stories in Rojo, hoping for some nugget of goodness to pursue, but the list remained empty, and I surmised that Steve might have no reason to share stories in Rojo if he had to put them in separately.

So I sat down and worked out the solution myself and wrote a Greasemonkey script that combines sharing in Rojo with posting to If you run Firefox and Greasemonkey, use and Rojo, and are interested in unifying the share process in Rojo with the posting process in, this script is for you (at least until Rojo and get their heads together about it).

To get the script, go to this page and enter your username. The script needs to have your username so it can post to for you, and so the script must be personalised for each user. Please comment here if you have feedback of any kind. Down the road a but I’ll be adding some additional features to the script. If you’re interested in hearing about those when they’re ready, there’s a place for your email address.

My thanks to Allen Searls and Christian Wilcox for alpha testing Rojolicious.

  • Allen Searls

    Thanks Cori! I updated the script and got it rolling today. I didn’t realize that it actually took the tags from the post and pre-populated the tags-field in delicious like that, probably b/c I’d only seen Rojolicious in action while sharing posts that didn’t have Rojo tags, so I thought it was simply an expedient to launching to add the tags oneself. This goes way beyond that! Time well spent. Thanks, I’ll use this every day.


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  • cori

    I’m actually not sure what you mean, Allen, and I’d love to see a screen shot and know what the steps to reproduce are. That functionality isn’t implemented yet as far as I know (although it’s on the feature list, either next or the feature after that depending on how many people seem to be using Rojolicious).

    When I tried it after you posted this, for example, I didn’t see the tags populated. However, maybe what you mean is the pre-seected list of your tags that provides. That has little to do with Rojolicious per se; it’s only the result of the api call that I use. To be honest, without that list I wouldn’t use at all.
    Thanks for using Rojolicios

  • Hashim

    I don’t see what Allen is saying either, but that would be very helpful if the script did this. Also, it would be cool if it would save to when you hit save too.

  • cori

    Yes, that’s on my list of tasks – I’m deciding right now if that’s next or posting to when stories are flagged in Rojo (instead of just when shared) will be next. Probably auto-tagging, because it’s a little simpler to do (the flagging thing will take some serious XPath work- at least for me, I think).

    As far as your other comment, I assume you mean that you want it to save to when the Share button is clicked without popping the window, right? In order to do that I have to have the tagging thing working, and then I need to figure out how to get to save automagically. I’m not aware that that’s available right now, and my e-mail to Josh Schacter about it has gone unanswered as yet. If you know of a way to do this, please let me know.

    Thanks for your interest!

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  • asdf

    when lacking something to say or if u dont wanna put ur real email address, the best and most common thing to put is asdf. visit it explains all about that shit man!

  • cori

    sure. whatever.

    Personally, I usually go for a@b.c or (when confronted with a particularly pseudo-intelligent javascript validation) It’s shorter.

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  • jake

    What do you mean the script must be personalized? I can’t copy it?

  • cori

    Well, Jake, I don’t know what you mean by copy it. You can certainly make use of the code pretty much anyway you see fit, if you mean copy as in reuse.

    The script needs to be personalized because it needs to have your username in it for the POST to your bookmarks. The script’s page uses php to generate a new file with your name in it and provide you with a link to that GM script file. You could always provide a bogus username and then manually edit the script if that makes you more comfortable.

    Does that help?