Testing Siri

I’m testing using Siri to blog by voice using the WordPress iPhone app

It’s pretty amazing how well she can determine what I’m trying say as long as I speak clearly. I’m in my car driving my iPhone just sitting on my lap and I’m just talking to pretty much at a regular voice and she seems to catch most of the words.

It’s a little inconvenient to have to touch the microphone button on the iPhone screen while driving but not having to use a Bluetooth microphone or anything like that is pretty amazing.

When I became eligible for iPhone upgrade recently I was planning on just one with the iPhone 4 (I had a 3GS); it was cheaper and I figured it did pretty much everything I wanted to do. Then a coworker of mine told me it he’d just gotten a 4S and he was amazed by how well Siri was able to recognize voice commands and things like that so I figured I’d spring for the 4S.

Now I’d just like to see Apple do the same thing for handwriting recognition that they’ve done for voice recognition on the iOS devices especially the iPad.

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